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Reduce employee turnover

Hppy shows you if your employees are demotivated and why. You can use that information to concentrate your efforts where it matters and retain your talent.

Increase productivity

Manage employee engagement KPIs with Hppy and drive performance. Business units with engaged workers achieve 12% higher productivity and 22% higher profit.



Hppy is an employee engagement software that offers you real-time data on how your team feels. It’s a mood meter that captures anonymous feedback and identifies the main engagement drivers in your company.



Our voice of the employee reports reveal what drives disengagement in your organization. Use this data to monitor employee engagement KPIs and design an efficient retention strategy.


Take Action

Forget the end of the year survey results! Now you can connect with the employees that need you most whenever you want. You can drive company performance by following up on your employees and their suggestions.



Now we get a weekly report that we use to gauge the daily mood of the entire organization. For us it’s very important to have a happy team because this directly influences the productivity and customer satisfaction.

Emanuel Martoncă, CEO of ThinSlices

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