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Andy has degrees in psychology and mental health and has been working to help people find success and happiness in their professional and personal lives. He finds his own happiness through writing fiction adventures, sitting in the park with a good book, or catching the latest movie or TV show with friends.

Are These 7 Alternatives To Smart Drugs Any Better for Productivity?

Whether in the news, online, or in popular media, we have probably all heard of ways of enhancing our cognitive abilities through nootropics, also called “smart drugs”. But there has been some controversy concerning the

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Better. Faster. Smarter. Are Smart Drugs Taking Over Your Business?

Whether it is an extra cup of coffee, a shot of wheatgrass juice, or even the latest doping scandal, it seems that there are a lot of people trying to get ahead using substances. As

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How Banning Email Can Boost Productivity And Work Satisfaction

How many times have you checked your email today? How fast do you check your email and respond when you get a notification? Most employees use up 23% of their days just on email, sending

9 Skills to Help New Managers Make the Most of Their Roles

Effective management is an important aspect of any business. But being an effective manager can be a struggle for those who are new. Being new may mean transitioning from the role of employee to the

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Celebrate Your Employees: Employee Recognition At Its Best

Most of us can probably agree that we like to feel appreciated. We feel good when friends, family members, significant others, employers, or even strangers recognize our accomplishments. Research shows that it can be better

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8 Reasons To Make Every Day ‘Bring Your Pet to Work Day’

If you are like the majority of people in the United States, you own a pet. And most likely that pet is a cat or a dog. Your life probably looks something like this: You

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Have Vacation or Holiday Time? Use It! Taking Time Off Is Good for Your Health and Your Job

It’s that time of year again. Whether you like to soak up some sun at the beach, take in some culture in a new city, speed down the slopes at a ski resort, or just

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Start Talking Now: Improve Engagement with a Stay Interview

A fact of running an organization is that employees leave and new ones need to be hired. Sometimes employees leave because they have a change in lifestyle, while other times they leave because they are

Gamification: Playing Your Way to Better Employee Engagement

147% better performance compared to others. 25-65% less turnover. 37% fewer absences. According to a recent Gallup poll, those are just a few of the benefits of excellent employee engagement. But while the benefits are

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The Art Of The Exit Interview: Make The Most Out Of Employees Who Leave

It is an awful thing when an excellent employee leaves. In some companies, there is an attitude of apathy or contempt when this happens. Those companies are not only leaving a negative impression but also

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