Doug Lawrence

About Doug Lawrence

Doug Lawrence is the founder of  TalentC®, a Human Resources solution provider focused on effective mentoring. Doug is an International Certified Mentor Practitioner (ICMP) and an International Certified Mentor Facilitator (ICMF). He has over 30 years of mentoring and leadership experience.

Workplace Inclusion, Diversity and Mentoring

With all that has been taking place in the world the last while and my observations of some organizations I thought this to be a topical issue for us to address. Being an observer from

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Leadership, Mentoring and Trust

Everything happens for a reason or at least it does for me. I had two occasions this past week where the topic of leadership and trust came up. In both situations I was involved in

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Mentoring and Employee Morale

The holiday season is behind us and with that comes reflection on all the good times with family and friends. Our reflection may have included memories of a dear family member or friend flash into

Workplace Bullying and Effective Mentoring

A percentage of my time is spent addressing various behaviours as we go on our mentoring journey. At times I have to ask myself what era are we living in as the behaviours are antiquated

4 Common Themes from a Culture Assessment

Company Culture Culture or lack thereof in an organization is a topical issue as outlined in the Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2016 study. “Culture has become one of the most important business topics of 2016.

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