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Edgar Wilson is an Oregon native writing on trends in health, education, and global affairs. He has worked in industries ranging from international marketing to broadcast journalism. He is currently working as an independent analytical consultant. He can be reached via email here or on Twitter @EdgarTwilson, and more of his work viewed through Contently.

Combat the Hazards of Dissatisfaction

More than anything, Millennials want engagement at work, but often have to settle for morale. In countless organizations, engagement is often conflated with morale--as if engagement is just another metric assessing how employees feel about

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Shaping Company Culture Through Language

I once had a boss who banned the entire organization from ever saying “sorry.” Whether we were talking to customer, a manager, or each other, no one was allowed to say “sorry” under any circumstances.

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Don’t Tell Me How To Do My Job

One of my very first managers had a little catchphrase she liked to use whenever she assigned out a new tasks. Without fail, she would tell us, “I won’t ask you to do anything I

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Rebuilding Company Culture in a Mobile Age

A key predictor of success in any endeavor comes from mindset. It can be tempting to approach the challenges of establishing, rebuilding, or preserving a company culture as an uphill battle when more and more

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Retaining Talent Means Retraining Talent

Millennials are educated; by some accounts, they are the most educated generation in history. But all too often, they are not well-trained. It might be crossing the bridge from theory to practice: classrooms can be

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