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As an HR How Do You Manage an Unsatisfied Employee?

When you are an HR executive, you are expected to don many hats. One of the biggest challenges is keeping your company out of legal battles and knowing the role of human factors in production

By |Talent Management|

Bringing Engagement and Culture to Invoicing

There are many tedious boring tasks in the workplace and with it there are challenges. One of these tasks is invoicing and managing all other documents related to billing clients. And the truth is that

By |Employee engagement|

[Infographic] How To Spend The Last 10 Minutes Of Your Working Day

The way we work today, many of us would be hard pressed to even identify the last 10 minutes of the day, let alone be ready to use it smartly. But once you’ve figured out

By |HR Infographics, Productivity|

What Can Game of Thrones Teach us in the Workplace?

With so much of our time spent in the office, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the workplace and make it a happier place to spend 38 hours of the week. One thing

By |Employee engagement|

[Infographic] 15 Reasons Why You Should Allow Dogs in the Office

Dogs are the best. Fact. Image via Well, okay, opinion is pretty divided on that. But if you’ve ever seen the ability of an unassuming canine to bring a smile to the stressed, to melt

By |HR Infographics|

Accountability in the Workplace and How it Ties into Employee Engagement

Companies have been investing resources into raising the engagement of their employees for years, but despite their best efforts, many of these companies just don’t see the results they were hoping to achieve. In some

By |Employee engagement, Talent Management|

Why You Should Discuss “Proud Employee Moments” In Performance Reviews

Performance reviews don’t enjoy a great reputation. Employees dread them, managers hate conducting them and, generally, they don’t appear to be effective. In fact, 78% of HR managers say their annual performance review doesn’t improve

By |Employee recognition, Talent Management|

8 Steps You Can Take In Hiring Your First Employee

As a business grows, there will come a point where everything can’t be done by just one person. Sooner or later, the help of another employee is necessary to further the company’s success. Hiring your

By |Talent Management|

SME’s Guide to Creating Your First Employee Handbook

Hiring staff is a big responsibility and it’s vital that as a business owner, you approach HR correctly with good policies and best practices in place. Whilst there are many HR factors that you will

By |Talent Management|

5 Ways To Help Your Employees Manage Stress

It’s no secret that with time, professional lives have become increasingly demanding and complex. The ‘24X7-always-on’ lifestyle, along with mounting work pressure, often results in extreme stress, burnout, and anxiety in employees. This directly affects

By |Employee engagement|