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 I've been an entrepreneur for the past 10+ years building great software companies together with fantastic teams. I believe that a culture of learning can make organizations thrive and become more competitive, that's why I founded Teamfluent. I like to spend most of my free time reading.

[Infographic] Quick Facts About Organizational Learning

According to a recent survey from ManpowerGroup, employers are facing the highest global talent shortage since 2007. The pressure to recruit and retain top talent is more intense than ever, as companies struggle to remain competitive in a

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Managing HR Compliance in the Age of Technology

Compliance may not be the rock star of HR tasks, but it is the one that is necessary to keep the band together. In every country, laws and regulations exist to make sure that companies

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How To Enable Continuous Learning And Development Using Technology

It seems like every month there is some new app that emerges, some new system to adopt, or a new technology to learn. How does the saying go? The more things change, the more they

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The Importance Of Learning And Development In An Ever-Changing World

When looking at how to keep an organization in top form, learning and development can be one of the best ways. The Association for Talent Development, based in the United States, concludes that “organizations are

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