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About Luke Rees

Luke is a digital marketing executive at AccuraCast – a London-based agency – who write extensively about data, HR trends and the customer experience. He is particularly interested in how data and analytics can make business processes more human.

Gamification At Work: The Future Or A Fad?

Gamification at work can be hard to justify to those who don’t know the science – “work isn’t there to be enjoyed” they say. But the simple truth is that if the process has been

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Mentoring Programs – Do They Improve Employee Engagement?

According to the latest Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report from SHRM, 55 percent of employees feel that ownership of their work (i.e. the ability to apply their skills and abilities) is an important factor

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How New Tech Companies Retain and Engage Employees

New Tech companies aren’t just reshaping the products we buy, they are also revolutionising the way that we work. According to a recent survey from Culture Amp, young, innovative tech companies are leading the way