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Mike is a passionate freelance writer. He writes about a number of subjects but really enjoys writing about jobs and the future of employment.

Starting To Hire Gen Z? Here’s How To Handle It

Generation Z could technically be classified as Millenials. But since older Millenials are now moving to the suburbs and starting families, the younger set has been dubbed Generation Z. Born in the time period between

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9 Strategies For Building Better Professional Relationships

Remember how easy it was to make friends on the playground? Someone would ask to take turns on the swings or ask if they could join the soccer game, and that was basically it—you were

By |Workplace happiness|

The Current State Of Job Hopping and Long Term Employment

If you're like most people in the workforce, you've almost certainly been cautioned at some point to be careful not to change jobs too quickly. This advice usually comes from older workers who are familiar

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