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6 Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale

It’s Wednesday morning and your team looks like they’ve just had their brain cells electrocuted. What will you do to stir them back to life? Employee morale is one of the key elements that can

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5 Marketing Trends that Are Shaping the Recruitment Industry

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed the emergence of a completely new trend called recruitment marketing. Companies have realized that a standard hiring process requires lots of time and money. Now, they

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Using Recruitment Marketing to Attract the Perfect Hire

Lines between the recruiting process and digital marketing are becoming blurred because job candidates are essentially treated as consumers. In this increasingly competitive business environment, where information about companies is more accessible than ever, candidates

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Rewarding Your Employees Could be a Path to Retention

Virtually every organization has a problem with employee retention. As Willis Towers Research findings show, more than 25% of employees today are at a high risk for turnover. What is more, many of those employees

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The Importance of Maintaining a Positive Company Culture

Much has been said about company culture in the past few years, but do you actually know how much it is important to today’s top executives? As Forbes reports, a recent survey of more than

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Using Technology to Improve Engagement and Boost Productivity

Last year, the multinational professional service firm Deloitte conducted a survey that revealed that developing workplace culture and increasing employee engagement are the top priorities for Human Resource leaders. However, in spite of this employee