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How An Employer Can Promote A Healthy Lifestyle at Work

A good employee is one who does his/her work diligently, in a timely manner and is benefiting the company with his/her efforts. These are also the main competencies that every prospective employer is looking for

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Planning a Corporate Picnic with Employees?

Working more than 7 hours a day can really stress people out. The routine life can get tiring and people would get bored easily if they always have a monotonous schedule for every day. Weekends

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Using Internal Social Networks to Enhance Employee Participation

Social Media has been recognized as a key tool for interacting with consumers as it enables two-way conversation between brands and consumers which was previously unavailable. Social Media platforms are used to generate buzz about

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3 Ways To Improve Employee Development Programs

Employees who wish to grow and prosper are always looking for training programs that aim to hone their skills set and challenge their creativity. Employee engagement and satisfaction is inevitably linked to the number of

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