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How to Educate Employees on the Types of Insurance They Should Have

Understanding insurance can be difficult for many people, but knowing what types of coverage are crucial can be incredibly important for many employees. As an HR professional, it is part of your job to ensure

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3 Laws HR Needs to Communicate to New Moms

Any new mom knows they have a lot to learn. The challenges and changes of motherhood are always present, no matter how old a child gets. Aside from the traditional concerns of raising a child,

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How to Be a Veteran-Friendly Company

Highly skilled and dedicated, military veterans have traveled the world and have unique insight and specialized experience to offer employers. Positions in the military encompass many skills, roles and industries, just as they do in

Ways to Improve Results of Workplace Diversity Initiatives

Having strong diversity in the workplace encourages growth and introduces new experiences and perceptions. When your employees come from different backgrounds, they can each bring something unique to the table. With different opinions and ideas

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What You Need to Know About HR Outsourcing

Projected to exceed $53.9 billion by 2020, the concept of outsourcing your company's HR functionality is a popular and worthwhile idea. With more companies performing business on the go, as well as the increasing number

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Why Your Employees Are Unproductive — and How to Fix It

In sticking with recent trends, many office managers have renovated their buildings to feature an open floor plan. While this approach has a number of benefits when compared to traditional arrangements, there are some very

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Lowkey Ways You May Be Endangering Your Employees’ Wellbeing — and How to Fix Them

Although you might not realize it, there may be any number of habits you are doing, or even ignoring, that may be putting your staff at unnecessary risk. Some of these practices are more dangerous