Planning and Communication: Without Both, You Have Nothing

The decisions that face patients in end-of-life situations are not the sort that elicit a shrug.  How do you feel about resuscitation?  What about intubation?  What’s your stance on organ donation?  Even the basics –

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Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage

If you are in a managerial role, then chances are you have had to deal with an array of different personality types, and this can create added complexities in the workplace. And while every person

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Traditional Ideas of Professionalism: Are They Right for Your Organization?

It’s a new era in business. Offices have no cubicles, few walls and fewer offices, and people walk around in jeans and t-shirts every day of the week. And yet, they’re getting things done—they’re building

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8 Ways HR Can Improve Their Email Communications

As many HR managers are overworked and short on time, it can be appealing to turn to email and hammer out messages to people you need to communicate with. However, as a HR manager may

When Numbers Fall: 4 Negative Effects of Employee Turnover

The role played by employees in an organisation cannot be overemphasized; employees are the backbone of any business’s success. The quality of an organisation’s workforce determines the overall performance of such organisation; performance in the

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5 Ways To Build A “Bully Culture”

Why would an organization be outrageous enough to want to create a "bully culture"? We all know the implications of bullying - intimidation, abuse, harassment and Intimidation. People who are bullied suffer horrendously at the

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How Does Mentoring Impact Employee Retention?

Employee turnover is fast becoming a challenge for organizations around the world. In a report provided by the Hay Group, the turnover rate for the time period of 2013 to 2018 is anticipated to be

[Infographic] Everything You Need To Know About Job Relocation

Has relocating for a job ever been an option that was placed before you? Did you consider relocating to take a position at new company or moving to a new location through your current employer?

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Correlating HR Consumerization and Minimizing Turnover

In the realm of marketing, companies have worked hard to define their culture and are always creating experiences for their customers and prospects. They seek to woo them with delight, increase loyalty and inevitably grow

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How to Effectively Manage a Cross-Functional Team

So, your company has decided to launch a cross-functional team. You’re not alone. Many organizations are choosing to shift from hierarchical to team-oriented structures in order to better meet the needs of an evolving competitive

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