How To Avoid A Culture Of Broken Promises

Execution is THE most critical determinant of an organization’s success. Few organizations, however, do it well, so it represents arguably the best opportunity to stand-out from others in a crowded marketplace of mediocre players. Let’s

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How To Launch Your Startup With A Customer Service Culture

Most startups don't have customer service as a priority when they launch. Creating buzz in the market around their idea, searching for investors and filing any required patents occupy most of the founders' time at

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How to Be a Veteran-Friendly Company

Highly skilled and dedicated, military veterans have traveled the world and have unique insight and specialized experience to offer employers. Positions in the military encompass many skills, roles and industries, just as they do in

Why Happy Employees Matter to CSR

What does CSR have to do with happy employees? Here is why focusing on the individual and creating happy employees is important - and why it should matter to any business who wants to succeed.

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How To Determine If You Have A Culture Of Innovation

You can spend months on analysis. You can create as many scenarios as you can imagine. You can employ all the tools available to mitigate risk. But you will never be able to predict the

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How A Strong Company Culture Promotes Success

Some leaders believe workplace culture is all about ensuring employees are constantly happy and satisfied. The truth is, while positive attitudes from employees is a great sign, there’s much more to it. In fact, an

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How To Help A New Employee Understand The Culture Of An Organization

Culture is NOT the "unwritten laws" of an organization that people follow because they know "that's the way things are done around here"; the subliminal "understandings" that explain what people do and how they do

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Shaping Company Culture Through Language

I once had a boss who banned the entire organization from ever saying “sorry.” Whether we were talking to customer, a manager, or each other, no one was allowed to say “sorry” under any circumstances.

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The Challenges of Creating a Strong and Positive Company Culture in a Remote Workforce

The remote workforce may be the future of business: it allows employers to dip into a talent pool much deeper than the locality supplies, and it gives workers the autonomy and productivity that is fast

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HR, Corporate Culture and the Battle of Political Correctness

The world is becoming a more global environment. Workplaces exist without walls, individuals roam through borders, and true progress is seeing a world of humanity more than individual nations. There is a segment of the