How Company Culture Affects Employee Productivity

Running a successful company means attending to a multitude of different responsibilities. Products need to be delivered on time. Customer service must be attended to. Suppliers and partners must be dealt with professionally. However, how

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How To Build A Culture Of Execution

Culture is the means to a strategic end - wrong culture, failed goals. What organizational culture expresses the strategic imperative to grow beyond "realistic" levels; to outperform others by orders of magnitude? Consistently beating your

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Traditional Ideas of Professionalism: Are They Right for Your Organization?

It’s a new era in business. Offices have no cubicles, few walls and fewer offices, and people walk around in jeans and t-shirts every day of the week. And yet, they’re getting things done—they’re building

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5 Ways To Build A “Bully Culture”

Why would an organization be outrageous enough to want to create a "bully culture"? We all know the implications of bullying - intimidation, abuse, harassment and Intimidation. People who are bullied suffer horrendously at the

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5 Common Company Culture Myths

Without culture, a company has no way of identifying, exemplifying, and practicing the values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that define goals and characterize members. It is culture, too, that drives goals, fosters creativity, and ultimately

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Why We Need A Culture Of “Weird”

“The best” describes a culture of individuals who conform to rules and expectations more closely than others. They spell more accurately; answer history questions more correctly and score the highest mark on linear algebra exams.

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4 Actionable Steps Towards A More Positive Culture

What is the working culture in your office like? There is a good chance that it is far from ideal, statistically speaking, and you might be wondering what you can do to improve it. All

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How To Avoid A Culture Of Broken Promises

Execution is THE most critical determinant of an organization’s success. Few organizations, however, do it well, so it represents arguably the best opportunity to stand-out from others in a crowded marketplace of mediocre players. Let’s

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How To Launch Your Startup With A Customer Service Culture

Most startups don't have customer service as a priority when they launch. Creating buzz in the market around their idea, searching for investors and filing any required patents occupy most of the founders' time at

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How to Be a Veteran-Friendly Company

Highly skilled and dedicated, military veterans have traveled the world and have unique insight and specialized experience to offer employers. Positions in the military encompass many skills, roles and industries, just as they do in