Is A Well-Designed Office Space At The Heart Of Employee Engagement?

Is your workspace conducive to engaged and enthusiastic employees? As new research reveals office design priorities for staff, we explore the findings and their implications for employers. Read on to learn how a well-designed office

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Knock-Knock! – Who’s There? – Humor in the Workplace!

It’s incredible how using humor appropriately at the workplace can transform the drab work environment to a happy and exciting one. By nature, sharing jokes and laughing things out tends to help relieve tensions. At

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Bringing Engagement and Culture to Invoicing

There are many tedious boring tasks in the workplace and with it there are challenges. One of these tasks is invoicing and managing all other documents related to billing clients. And the truth is that

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Why Personality Tests are Popular in the Workplace

Working in an office has its quirks and perks. That’s because everyone in the office is a different personality, and brings something different to the table—both good and bad. For those leading teams of people,

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What Can Game of Thrones Teach us in the Workplace?

With so much of our time spent in the office, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the workplace and make it a happier place to spend 38 hours of the week. One thing

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Accountability in the Workplace and How it Ties into Employee Engagement

Companies have been investing resources into raising the engagement of their employees for years, but despite their best efforts, many of these companies just don’t see the results they were hoping to achieve. In some

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5 Smart Best Practices to Engage Customers

If you want to swiftly boost the success of your business, you should create best practices for your employees to follow. When companies put best practices into place that ensure the customer is always the

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Should You Consider Standing Desks? Benefits and Options for Healthier Employees

Health and happiness are tightly linked, and when we focus on them together, other benefits like productivity and satisfaction emerge. Unfortunately, modern working conditions are less than stellar for maintaining optimal health and happiness. We’ve

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Are Company Trips a Good Idea?

Team retreats sound good in theory. What better way to show your team you appreciate them than to send them to a beachy paradise or a swanky ski resort? It’s an extravagant gesture, and in

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5 Ways To Help Your Employees Manage Stress

It’s no secret that with time, professional lives have become increasingly demanding and complex. The ‘24X7-always-on’ lifestyle, along with mounting work pressure, often results in extreme stress, burnout, and anxiety in employees. This directly affects

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