Keeping Millennial Workers: How to Improve Employee Retention

Millennials: the dominant generation in the U.S. workforce, according to various labor reports, may have a slightly tainted reputation for not staying at any one particular job for a very long period. The constant turnover

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6 Ways to Prevent Employee Turnover in Your Small Business

A small business does need to run smoothly and efficiently in order to be successful. One thing that can undermine the operation of a small business is employee turnover. When an employee abruptly quits, the

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When Numbers Fall: 4 Negative Effects of Employee Turnover

The role played by employees in an organisation cannot be overemphasized; employees are the backbone of any business’s success. The quality of an organisation’s workforce determines the overall performance of such organisation; performance in the

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How Does Mentoring Impact Employee Retention?

Employee turnover is fast becoming a challenge for organizations around the world. In a report provided by the Hay Group, the turnover rate for the time period of 2013 to 2018 is anticipated to be

Correlating HR Consumerization and Minimizing Turnover

In the realm of marketing, companies have worked hard to define their culture and are always creating experiences for their customers and prospects. They seek to woo them with delight, increase loyalty and inevitably grow

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How To Have Employees That Never Leave

It starts with the recruitment process. Hire the right person and they are more likely to stay; hire the wrong one and they will likely leave at some point. These key recruitment actions will help

How Good Leadership Can Reverse Turnover

Staffing is the lifeblood of my HR career. It’s where I truly got my start and really thrived. It’s one of the toughest jobs in our practice, in my opinion, and not just because I

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Why Boomerang Employees Might Be Better for Business Than You Think

There was a time when returning to a former job carried a lot of stigma. The employee might feel as if they are having to shamefully crawl back to an old job. An employer may feel

How to Deal with Employee Burnout

While often felt, but not as often named, burnout is a key area of human resources and employee relations. The term burnout is being used much more frequently, but many businesses still do not know

12 Ways to Keep Your Best Employees

(Guest post by Zohaib Akhlaq) Most successful business owners realize the importance of keeping good employees, those whose current and future contributions are vital to the prosperity and, in some cases, even the continuance of