[Infographic] Top 10 Best Workplace Incentives

Gourmet meals. Vacation bonuses. Game rooms. These are the latest and greatest perks companies are using to keep their employees happy. But are incentives like these actually worth it? The short answer is, yes! Here

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[Infographic] The Gender Wage Gap By The Numbers

Life as a professional woman can be tough. Society’s expectation that women must maintain incredibly careers, care for their families, volunteer in the community, always have a smile on their face, and accept that they

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[Infographic] Office Temperature Wars Costing Offices Time and Money

The argument takes place in offices up and down the UK every year. While some of us rush to fling open windows, others cling to radiators – the office temperature debate is all too familiar.

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[Infographic] How To Make Yourself Work When You’re Not Feeling It

As fulfilling as working in HR is, it can be an isolating experience working at a tangent from your company’s main business. If you’re working alone, getting started in the morning can prove a real

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[Infographic] Get More Done During Your Next Meeting

Think about the last meeting you’ve been to that drove you crazy. What happened? Did it go too long or end up on a topic that had nothing to do with the original intent of

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[Infographic] Employee Engagement In The Workplace

Motivating employees can be a tricky subject. In the past, many companies have used "blanket management," which treats all employees the same way. But today's low employee engagement rates are proving the one-size-fits-all motivational tactics

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[Infographic] How Health Impacts Productivity

A motivated employee is a productive employee, and so companies stock their human resources arsenals with all sorts of motivational tools: raises, bonuses, sales contests, peer recognition programs and gift card giveaways, for starters. Research

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[Infographic] Simple Steps to Subside Stress

Stress is a reaction to a situation. Not all stress is bad, for example, when you take action to avoid crashing your car, the increased heart rate and breathlessness you may experience is an immediate

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[Infographic] 25 Google Calendar Hacks to Save You Time

Mastering the many applications and programs that we use at work every day can be a time-consuming task as well as a greatly rewarding one. For a seemingly simple app like Google Calendar, you'd be

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[Infographic] How to Improve Productivity

Maintaining a productive workforce is a tricky task. Especially considering the varying personalities that sit on your office floor; each one accustomed to their very own way of working. But productivity is an important factor

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