Correlating HR Consumerization and Minimizing Turnover

In the realm of marketing, companies have worked hard to define their culture and are always creating experiences for their customers and prospects. They seek to woo them with delight, increase loyalty and inevitably grow

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5 Marketing Trends that Are Shaping the Recruitment Industry

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed the emergence of a completely new trend called recruitment marketing. Companies have realized that a standard hiring process requires lots of time and money. Now, they

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HR Managers as Marketers? Yes, the Good Ones Are in 5 Key Ways

HR is never thought of as a marketing-adjacent department. In fact, we see HR managers as responsible for recruitment, hiring, onboarding, training and development, coaching, payroll, and housing a lot of files on employees. But

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The Importance of a Strong Strategic Link Between HR and Finance

At first glance, there isn’t an immediate link between HR and Finance, but upon closer inspection, there are many benefits to forging a closer connection between the two. HR considers people to be the greatest

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These Recruitment Trends Will Shape The Future Of HR

There are two teams that come into play when hiring occurs in a company. There’s management who tend to act on impulse when they see an employee with an impressive resume or cool ideas for

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How To Use Content Marketing As A Recruiting Tool

A business can only be as good as its employees. Many major corporations are introducing innovative new measures to keep their employees happy and retain their best staff. This is no easy feat with the rise

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How Your Company Can Leverage the Gig Economy

It might be time to move “remote work opportunities” from your company’s Perks and Benefits column into Survival Strategies. America’s economic history has depended on mobility of workers and opportunities. People have followed jobs out

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Understanding How the Millennial Workforce Operates

Millennials aren’t just skipping school and driving social media growth anymore: they’re a growing part of the workforce, and will soon become the largest segment of workers in the United States. Technology, recession, and other

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Q&A: Collaborative Solutions to 5 Common HR Conflicts in Coworking

Coworking is a style of working built primarily on open communication and collaboration. In such an open environment, there will be noise and information flowing throughout the entire office. But openness and collaboration are what

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Starting To Hire Gen Z? Here’s How To Handle It

Generation Z could technically be classified as Millenials. But since older Millenials are now moving to the suburbs and starting families, the younger set has been dubbed Generation Z. Born in the time period between

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