The Importance of Maintaining a Positive Company Culture

Much has been said about company culture in the past few years, but do you actually know how much it is important to today’s top executives? As Forbes reports, a recent survey of more than

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Newly Released Leadership Books You Shouldn’t Miss

As an entrepreneur you were most probably received a lot of specialized book recommendations that mentioned the classics, the bibles of entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Let’s not insist on those because they are easy to

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Managing vs. Leading – How It Can Make All of The Difference

Oftentimes, the terms leader and manager are synonymous with each other but there are definitely differences between the two. Do you know the difference between a leader and a manager? Do you know if you

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3 Steps To Becoming A Strong And Confident Leader

A dream pay package and six-hour working day won’t make up for a dictator-like manager screaming down the office every afternoon. You can provide all the incentives in the world, but for most employees a

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Frustration Toleration and Lack of Empathy in Top Management

The top management is the reflection of their teams. They should guide their employees through their working experience, and teach them all they know from day one. Once the training is done, and the teams

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Is Brainstorming Dead?

I can’t tell you how many meetings I’ve attended where teammates have been asked to brainstorm ideas. Everyone comes prepared with some thoughts, everyone listens to all the ideas, and the best ideas rise to

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How Good Leadership Can Reverse Turnover

Staffing is the lifeblood of my HR career. It’s where I truly got my start and really thrived. It’s one of the toughest jobs in our practice, in my opinion, and not just because I

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The Basis of Leadership Is Born in the Brain: Why Leaders Should Care about Neuroscience

Want to be a better leader? Want to motivate and engage your employees to great success? The old way of doing things relied on collecting data, running numbers, and looking at spreadsheets. Employers motivated employees

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The 7 C’s of Change Management: Making Change Easier With Neuroscience

Change is rarely easy, especially when a habit has been formed. Just think about how difficult, stressful, and even annoying it can be when someone asks to change your morning routine or you are forced

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11 Ways to Run Your Business with Neuroscience

In Beyond Brain Basics, we mentioned the importance of creating a brain-based work environment.  Changing the way things are done can be difficult and time-consuming but we propose a few practical ways to run your

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