Required Reading for Inspiration at Work

Sometimes you feel inspired, energetic and crush your day or your week. But it’s also common to have days or weeks when you don’t feel inspired or energetic and things become a bit more monotonous.

3 Workspace Hacks To Boost Productivity

Technology has transformed the workplace in unimaginable ways--many of them good, some of them bad. While new technology is certainly improving lives and increasing efficiency, the level of workplace stress has risen dramatically in the

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4 Common Office Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Unless you run your own business or inherited a million-dollar fortune, you’ll probably spend most of your adult years building a career at an office. It’s a fact. Over the average lifespan, a person will

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Planned Coffee Intake – Boost Your Office Productivity

Coffee is, for many of us, the first thing we use in the morning to awaken our bodies and minds before going off to work. It comes as a salvation and comfort throughout long and

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How Decluttering Your Workspace Can Make You A Better Employee

Are you feeling unproductive and flustered at work? Do you feel like you don't know where anything is on your desk? Are you losing track of meeting notes, project plans and more? Also read: 12 Desk

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[Infographic] How To Spend The Last 10 Minutes Of Your Working Day

The way we work today, many of us would be hard pressed to even identify the last 10 minutes of the day, let alone be ready to use it smartly. But once you’ve figured out

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Should You Consider Standing Desks? Benefits and Options for Healthier Employees

Health and happiness are tightly linked, and when we focus on them together, other benefits like productivity and satisfaction emerge. Unfortunately, modern working conditions are less than stellar for maintaining optimal health and happiness. We’ve

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6 Ideas To Increase Employee Productivity

Sometimes, work can be dull and monotonous and employees may want to take a back seat and simply go with the flow instead of being proactive. While this may be acceptable at times, it can

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How to Increase Efficiency in Your Recent Startup Company

The business environment is very competitive nowadays. To keep up with this competition, your business should run as efficiently as possible. Efficiency is even more important for small businesses because they run on limited resources

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4 Reasons to Allow Your Employees to Work from Home

The benefits of allowing your employees to work from home are wide-ranging, with evidence to support both the financial savings your business can enjoy as well improvements for the workers themselves.  And happier workers, many

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