6 Ideas To Increase Employee Productivity

Sometimes, work can be dull and monotonous and employees may want to take a back seat and simply go with the flow instead of being proactive. While this may be acceptable at times, it can

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How to Increase Efficiency in Your Recent Startup Company

The business environment is very competitive nowadays. To keep up with this competition, your business should run as efficiently as possible. Efficiency is even more important for small businesses because they run on limited resources

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4 Reasons to Allow Your Employees to Work from Home

The benefits of allowing your employees to work from home are wide-ranging, with evidence to support both the financial savings your business can enjoy as well improvements for the workers themselves.  And happier workers, many

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How Effective are Monetary Incentives?

No matter who you are, productivity ebbs and flows. It’s not possible to sustain the same levels of productivity at all times—there are just too many factors that influence our ability to work. From the

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12 Desk Hacks To Make Your Employees More Productive

We’ve seen a lot of developments in the way that office spaces are run over the past few years – some highly technical, some cultural, others frankly fun-oriented (anyone for ping-pong?). In one way or

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How Company Culture Affects Employee Productivity

Running a successful company means attending to a multitude of different responsibilities. Products need to be delivered on time. Customer service must be attended to. Suppliers and partners must be dealt with professionally. However, how

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Workplace Design Trends – 5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

In recent years, most workplace design trends have been largely influenced by the tech industry. Industry giants like Facebook and Google have become almost legendary for innovations ranging from offering free snacks and full meals

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How Rewards And Recognition Help Increase Productivity In Business

Retaining employees is fundamental when aiming to boost productivity levels in the office. Recognizing the hard work your team does can have a significant impact on your ROI. Studies emphasize that 78% of workers work

Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage

If you are in a managerial role, then chances are you have had to deal with an array of different personality types, and this can create added complexities in the workplace. And while every person

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Interactive Quiz: What Does Your Desk Say About You?

On any given workday, how often do you let your eyes (and brain) wander? When you start to look around at your coworkers’ workspaces, you’ll begin to realize how each individual has embedded their own

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