The Importance of a Strong Strategic Link Between HR and Finance

At first glance, there isn’t an immediate link between HR and Finance, but upon closer inspection, there are many benefits to forging a closer connection between the two. HR considers people to be the greatest

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These Recruitment Trends Will Shape The Future Of HR

There are two teams that come into play when hiring occurs in a company. There’s management who tend to act on impulse when they see an employee with an impressive resume or cool ideas for

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8 Things To Learn about Managing Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation can become expensive without proper management. Fraud, for example, can result in the approval of unnecessary claims and their accompanying premium increases. If you take an aggressive approach to denying worker’s compensation claims,

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Where do employees fit in your change management plan?

A simple sequence of clicks somewhere in the world can change the economic conditions of an entire industry. Companies have to be quick to adapt. This is the reality of our days, where businesses have

3 Laws HR Needs to Communicate to New Moms

Any new mom knows they have a lot to learn. The challenges and changes of motherhood are always present, no matter how old a child gets. Aside from the traditional concerns of raising a child,

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How To Create The Best Work Teams

Each year, more companies are opting for team-based over individual-oriented organizational structures to handle various projects and tasks. Teams are a go-to structure mostly because through collaboration you tend to produce better and more unique

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How to Convince Employees to Adopt New Technology

Every company, regardless of size or industry, is feeling the pressure to upgrade its technology in order to stay competitive. But even after successful deployment, some new tools don't live up to the buzz. This

How To Have Employees That Never Leave

It starts with the recruitment process. Hire the right person and they are more likely to stay; hire the wrong one and they will likely leave at some point. These key recruitment actions will help

Secrets Of Building A Winning Team For Your Startup

According to a survey, the lack of a performing team is the third biggest reason of failure for many startups. Similarly, many new ventures find it hard to scale their business due to lack of

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How To Use Content Marketing As A Recruiting Tool

A business can only be as good as its employees. Many major corporations are introducing innovative new measures to keep their employees happy and retain their best staff. This is no easy feat with the rise

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