Mentoring and Finding Purpose

They were like ships without a rudder, a sailboat without any wind. They were frustrated and becoming more and more disengaged as the days went by. Some had already hit the breaking point and left

Shape Company Culture Before It’s Too Late: 4 Hiring Strategies for the Best Fits

Misconceptions about company culture are abundant. As long as you define culture correctly, the benefits of strategizing the construct within your organization are clear. Rather than crafting a company culture full of carbon copy employees,

4 Reasons to Allow Your Employees to Work from Home

The benefits of allowing your employees to work from home are wide-ranging, with evidence to support both the financial savings your business can enjoy as well improvements for the workers themselves.  And happier workers, many

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How Job Hopping Can Affect Your Bottom Line

It’s a trend HR professionals all over the country are seeing: job hopping. It’s a shift in mindset that may have been spurred by the economic downturn about ten years ago, but it’s showing no

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Use the Fact that People Love Working from Home to Start a Business

Are you tired of the rat race, eager to take control of your personal and professional life? You are not the only one. In fact, around 2/3 of people claim they prefer working from home,

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How To Help Slow Employees Work Faster

An employee can work slower than their colleagues due to several reasons. It could be a lack of interest in the work, a habit of achieving perfection, mismanaged workflow, or simply being unaware of the deadline

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Women in Finance Charter: What HR Should Know

Gender equality within the workplace has always been somewhat of a concealed topic, but the conversation is increasing due to external influences. The finance industry in the UK sees senior male staff comprise a sizeable

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Key Benefits of Online Learning for Employees and Businesses

One of the key elements of increasing employee engagement and satisfaction in the workplace is giving staff members the opportunity to grow and develop. People need to be continually learning, and see that they have the

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Contractors

Hiring the right team is key for your business’s ongoing success, but you don’t always need to fill all positions permanently. Sometimes, it makes sense to hire short-term or even long-term contractors. Contractors are more

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Benefits of Employing a Multilingual Staff

In today’s market of global business, a multilingual staff can be a major competitive advantage. Staff and associates that are fluent in more than one language could prove to be a strong asset when it

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