Women in Finance Charter: What HR Should Know

Gender equality within the workplace has always been somewhat of a concealed topic, but the conversation is increasing due to external influences. The finance industry in the UK sees senior male staff comprise a sizeable

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Key Benefits of Online Learning for Employees and Businesses

One of the key elements of increasing employee engagement and satisfaction in the workplace is giving staff members the opportunity to grow and develop. People need to be continually learning, and see that they have the

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Contractors

Hiring the right team is key for your business’s ongoing success, but you don’t always need to fill all positions permanently. Sometimes, it makes sense to hire short-term or even long-term contractors. Contractors are more

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Benefits of Employing a Multilingual Staff

In today’s market of global business, a multilingual staff can be a major competitive advantage. Staff and associates that are fluent in more than one language could prove to be a strong asset when it

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Everything You Need to Know About Indeed’s Organic Job Listings

Indeed is the world’s largest job site, with over 200 million visitors each month. Indeed popularized the “pay for performance” or “pay-per-click” business model for job boards. Historically, job boards have either been free or

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Output Over Hours: How to Think About Remote Workers

Arguably the biggest concern that employers and managers have with remote work is how to make sure their employees are really spending the full 40, 50, 60 or whatever it may be hours per week

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Why Aren’t More Women in Cybersecurity?

In the 1995 movie, The Net, Sandra Bullock portrayed a computer programmer who uses her skills to thwart a cyberterrorist attack. More than fifteen years later, in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara

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5 Questions Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Ask to Improve Employees’ Performance

Those searching for how to improve employees’ performance often wonder if they are giving the right commands, or dolling orders in the best way. Often, though, the most effective way to improve the performance of

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Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage

If you are in a managerial role, then chances are you have had to deal with an array of different personality types, and this can create added complexities in the workplace. And while every person

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8 Ways HR Can Improve Their Email Communications

As many HR managers are overworked and short on time, it can be appealing to turn to email and hammer out messages to people you need to communicate with. However, as a HR manager may