HR & Workplace Infographics

[Infographic] The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

If you want your workforce to be happy and fulfilled, or to be more productive (which likely requires them to be happy and fulfilled), you need to know what these terms mean and to understand

[Infographic] How to Decode a Resume – Showing Instead Of Telling

There is an adage known in creative writing circles that says: “show… don’t tell.” Essentially it means, always demonstrate an assertion with an example, rather than just making a generalization. Why would a creative writing

[Infographic] How Negative Feedback Can Have Positive Effects

Constructive feedback is an umbrella term that many mistake for being synonymous with ‘positive feedback’. The truth is any feedback can be constructive as long as it is specific and gives the recipient the tools

[Infographic] Graduate Student Recruitment – From Getting In Touch To Quick Assessment

In 2015, the employment rate of 20 to 24-year-olds with at least a bachelor degree in the United States was 88.9%, the highest employment rate in their age group. The logic of recruiting graduates is

[Infographic] How To Improve The Self-Discipline Of Your Workforce

Being a great manager is about more than regulating workflow and ticking off targets. A great boss takes the time to observe the way their workforce operates, and looks out for patterns within the individuals

[Infographic] What Your Office Desk Says About You

Your desk at work is an incredibly personal place. It might not seem like it, but it’s true. The average office worker spends around 5 hours 41 minutes at their desk each day, so it’s